Second Camping Trip At A Mango Orchard

With all the confidence, excitement and soreness from our previous camping experience, we continued our journey to the next camping site that we had in mind. The location was a mango orchard nestled between two minor ridges and neighbouring a small lake and a forest. The last kilometre of the drive was beautiful and eery at the same time. We got to the farm at around 3 pm and we straight away started looking for a perfect spot to pitch our tent and alas – an abandoned machan at the edge of the farm, bordering the forest was staring right at us. We immediately decided this was that spot.

Tent being set up while Aarav soaks in the beauty around

Since this was a machan set-up, there was no pegging. Instead, there was a lot of tying of the tent loops to the logs to ensure the tent stays in place and is secure. The afternoon was humid and warm but after the setting up, it was indeed satisfying to see the outcome!

Tent set up with lenin borrowed from the host 

With our home for the night set up. We settled for a cup of tea and some hot bajjis that the host made for us. Yum!

It was then time to explore the nooks of the farm, take a refreshing shower and then get cozy in front of the fire for a few games of Taboo around the camp fire.

At 7.30 pm, dinner was ready so we gobbled up a meal and headed straight to bed. This night was a tad better with mattress and broader pillows however, yet another lesson learnt – always pay attention to the tilt and direction of the surface that you have used to pitch the tent. We hadn’t paid much attention hence, ended up sleeping with our foot higher than our head. Needless to say, we got up the next morning with a heavy head. The discomfort was immediately relieved by the view we got up to though.

View from our tent

We freshened up, flexed our legs and went through our checklist for our first hiking with Aarav – camo hats, hiking pole, water bottle, hiking boots – and yes, a cup of hot tea for the start. We set off on the hike with a local and his dog leading us.

The hike was at a comfortable pace with its share of steep climbs, moderate gradients and almost flat trails. A good setting for a child to start the hiking journey.

Wading through the rocks and thorns 

In about 2 and a half hours we were back in the camp. The boots served us well and the appetite was built for a sumptuous South Indian breakfast that was waiting for us when we returned to the camp. Once the breakfast was done, it was time for some family games and skill building.

 Making a spear of a wood stick




Aarav trying his spear on something imaginary.

      Aarav snoozing at his favorite spot

After lunch, it was time to pack up and we could see that we have improved our timing for ‘uncamping’. The tent was packed in flat 10 mins and the backpacks in additional 10 mins. Lessons learnt, confidence grown, we left the farm behind with dreams of returning to camp up in the hills after hiking a distance into the forest.

Additional things we carried (apart from listed in our first blog)

  1. Hiking pole
  2. Quechua Forclaz hiking shoes for the 3 of us
  3. Quechua hammock

Alphanso by the Lake. About 75 kms from Bangalore – managed by Linger.




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