Cycling – Fat to Fit

img_3258It all started with eves dropping on a phone conversation that Sunita was having with a family member and was planning out a marriage function visit. Realisation hit me like a lightning and everything around me stopped. Here I am, bloated into a 38 inch waist and 87 kilos in weight while Sunita continues to be her leaner self.
Not that she cared but, when I pictured both of us together walking into the marriage function, I didn’t like the sight. This is not who she married few years ago. I used to be a lean chap but years of abusing my body got me here. That’s when I jumped out of my couch and took to cycling. I went to the nearest local cycle store and picked up a basic Firefox cycle. I also read up on diets and resorted to a no-carb diet. I sweated it out every single day and stuck to my diet. As expected, I lost 18 kilos in 3 months straight. I was elated and suddenly things looked different. My wardrobe changed and most things about me changed.


Little did I know that this was short lived though. We moved house and then cities, in the process the routine changed, indiscipline crept back and before I knew, I was once again back to 87 kilos!

img_3260I then realised that I am approaching this the wrong way. My goal should have been to stay / be fit rather than just to loose weight. My goal should have been to adopt one or more sport that will keep me fit through-out my life span. I needed a life style change. That’s when I took to cycling as a way of commute rather than just a way of losing weight / morning exercise routine.

I invested in an entry level mountain bike and embedded cycling into my lifestyle – I started with commuting to office but then moved onto groceries, movies, dinner, meeting friends et la.

I met more cyclists, learnt from them and just as things seemed to be on the up, I lost my bike. Someone stole my bike and I was devastated. I had never felt the same before for losing something. It was tough few weeks before I put things behind and invested in a better bike. I saw this incident as a blessing in disguise as I could do more with my new bike.

It was in May 2015 that I came across Tour of Nilgiris and I though it was a good challenge. Around the same time, I gave up smoking as it hindered cycling. The tour covered ~900 kms, 3 states in 8 days. The thought was overwhelming but something in me said I could do it.

While I continued my daily commute and few extra kms on weekends with friends, I gathered more about cycling and the more I learnt the more it interested me. After months of deliberating with my wife, I finally bought my first road bike in Oct 2015.

It did cost me a lot but I saw this as an investment for my cycling days ahead. Incidentally, it was also the start of the 2015-16 brevet season and just as I picked up my carbon frame road bike, the first brevet of season was announced. It seemed like the best place to test my road bike before I embarked on the Tour of Nilgiris. Nov 2016 is when I did my first 200 kms brevet.

Dec 2015 is when I did the Tour of Nilgiris and that took my thinking to a different level. Soon after, I got busy with my brevet season and time flew by as I kept knocking off the 300 kms, 400 kms and finally the 600 kms brevets making me a Super Randonneur.

My belief in commute got that much more amplified and the brevets gave me my time to bring more clarity to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of cycling. Cycling also got me to run and practice yoga. Above all, it has gotten order into my lifestyle and has helped me eat responsibly. The journey continues……

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