About Us

We are the Suhas family a.k.a Simply Happy Yogis. Having spent over a decade in the cities leading an urban materialistic lifestyle, we made the decision to leave behind the corporate world along with the associated lifestyle. From looking for happiness from the outside, we turned inward. We chose the path of Yoga and today we live a free, non compulsive life in the hills. A simple yet content life.

Aarav Suhas:
A shy cutie with a temperament of Hulk. Math genius who hates text books. Loves his play which happens to be the entire day. Aarav is unschooled and is an integral part of our adventures. Listen to him:

Suhas Ramegowda:
Suhas is the alpha of the Suhas family. A cyclist and a Yogi nurses big dreams of conquering mountains. Loves music and his current interest is writing. Listen to him:

Sunita Suhas:
Sunita is the nucleus of the Suhas family. She is on a journey of unconditioning herself. Lately she has become more fearless and doesn’t hesitate to do radical things. Sunita believes that there is only one life and she is gunning to make the most of it. She doesn’t care what she will finally achieve as long as she is making the most of the journey. Listen to her: